The simple UX assignment.

Sumit Dagar
2 min readJun 10, 2018


Sometime ago, I wrote a post on how to hire a UX designer. It received positive response, but I missed a point there, an important one:

Test every UX candidate with at least one assignment. Make it a rule! Its the easiest way to identify actual practitioners from rehearsed candidates.

First flow (left) vs Second flow (right)

I have been practicing this rule since longtime to very satisfactory results. Amongst a library of assignments that vary over scope and effort (read field work), there’s one that has become a personal favourite in recent times. Its simple, requires minimum explanation, almost no follow-up questions, and should (ideally) take no time to solve. Recruiter can easily push it in any conversation.

Here it goes:

There are two ways to implement sign-in flow on a mobile device.

First flow: username on first screen, password on next screen.

Second flow: username, password and primary CTA on one screen.

How will you take an informed to decision to chose one of these.

Surprisingly, NONE of the candidates have answered (hint: or rather attempted) this correctly yet. I have had some refreshing and innovative perspectives, some obvious answers, many confused attempts and lots curiosity for correct answers, but still none that could shine.

I am not going to answer the question here (hint: process). But, at least everyone knows the question now, happy to be surprised soon!



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